Dallas, Texas, US

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Product Management

About SubTex

We are looking for venture partners in our dot com start up. It is a "middle man" dot com, in the daily deals sector. Though such sites are many, this has a very novel model, and attempts to fix some of the pitfalls of daily-deals sites . Very scale-able idea and quick to monetize.

We are 2 of us - an IT guy (an Ex-NASA computational physicist, who is coding up the site) and me with an MBA (and some biz ideas!).

We are looking for as many as 2 other people - to join us. Ideally we are looking for one software person, preferably experienced at UI-UX (not the IT guy’s forte), one with consumer (or D2C) marketing (or MBA) background. I shall do the basic business plan and work on the marketing side. The Software person would team up with our coder and I with the marketing/MBA person. All candidates would have equal stakes as the others.

if you are interested or know someone with the ability, drive and integrity, then please get in touch with me. Please be from he DFW area.