Sujit's Skills
Product Management

About Sujit

Worked for many years (above 15) at various startups and a couple of well established firms in the US and India. Experience has been mainly with research and software development within the domains of image/video processing, machine learning and data mining. Recently been involved with startups in the mobile space that use applied computer vision and machine learning to provide solutions related to online financial transactions.

From the academic perspective I have a Bachelors in Electronics and Communication and a M.S in Electrical Engineering from Texas with specialization in Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision and also pursued a PhD in Machine Learning and Data Mining until dropping out.

My vision or idea in founding a company is to make online financial transactions seamless and frictionless at the same time making them more secure.
In this regard these are some of the problems that I intend to tackle and the goals I would like to reach in each case

Make mobile/web payments more secure--------------------------A highly secure locking facility that is hard to break in
Handle ease of use and user experience ---------------------Simplified entry process without the need to key in any data
Address speed of completion of the payment process------------------Should be a single step process
Simplify any initial set up involved------------------------------------------Again no excessive data entry

I am looking for someone with strong programming background who would join me in developing the product.
I am also open to working on your idea.