Los Angeles, California, US

Co-Founder & Business Strategy in Tech
Sully's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Sully

Executive level experience looking for a technical co-founder to share ideas or who has an idea or product they'd like to launch and bring to market. I can assist with strategy, business growth planning, market / product validation, sales / marketing / business development to generate initial users, fund raising, negotiations, and initial team roll-out. I am a self-starter, energetic, fun, serious about execution, open-minded, results oriented, determined, trustworthy, and dedicated.
I have experience with both large and small tech companies, as well as successful and unsuccessful startups. My passion is executing on bringing value-oriented technology to markets that improve people's lives (or work lives). Successes have included kick-starting early stage startups (and new divisions of more established companies) with a business strategy; solidifying initial customers / partners; and building / managing teams from scratch. I'm very flexible in terms of working with a hands-on or hands-off Co-founder with agreed upon expectations and terms.


Perserverance, self-discipline, and honest execution pays off - Me