Sunny Ali

Chicago, Illinois, US

Ecommerce Biz Owner
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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

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About Sunny

Started first venture in Australia. Top 20 IT consulting business. Got bankrupt in 2008. Started again another business Ecommerce. Expanded with 20 staff and physical offices in Malaysia, pakistan, Chicago and London. Selling $100-150k per month. I do nothing. Too lazy. Got a team of super commandos. They run the business. My job is focus on growth. Now I built a new model. I get our top selling stock shipped into Amazon fba of partners. Means they invest, they buy our top selling stock, we ship top selling products into their own Amazon fba account. Amazon sell the stock. They share profit with us. We make money in 2 ways. Upfront profit when we sell and ship stock into their Amazon FBA. And second is profit sharing when Amazon start selling the stock. Now this model is growing very quickly. A lot of people want to buy stock. This means we need more stock, more products, more cash and expand to bigger warehouse. I need a partner either to buy equity or buy stock. For FBA partners we cannot risk and we can only sell top selling items to their fba. If we sell them slow moving items they won't invest again. So this model is sustainable as long as we sell good products to our fba partners.

But we need to keep getting flow of new and good products and keep hunting for good sellers so we can keep selling these good sellers to our fba partners. That means we need good amount of cash to source more items and some may be good and some may not be so good. So I expect our partner to have clear idea of our business and our model and have clear understanding of Amazon FBA networks and ecommerce in general.

I also travel around the globe. Do seminars and speeches here and there. Meet people. Guide and advise Ecommerce is my passion.


Be a business owner. Learn the art of do nothing and make money - Me 😊