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I am looking for someone with experience starting and/or overseeing a school, as I have a targeted idea for a summer school/camp for middle school or high school students. You'll help provide the "how to" of running a school and developing an accredited academic institution. You preferably have entrepreneurial experience as well.

I'm a marketing professional and relatively recent MBA graduate. I have sought advice from seasoned venture capitalists and entrepreneurs regarding this concept. I have attended many sessions in which entrepreneurs pitch their business to VCs to learn more about the process of funding ventures, though I need a seasoned professional to help bring this venture to fruition.

Although I can create the bulk of the business plan, I need someone with experience in overseeing an educational institution to fill in the gaps and help with attaining capital for this venture.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to hearing from you. (Since we'll hopefully be working together for many years to come, bonus points if you are a LOTR fan.)

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