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I'm an award winning game designer and need a programmer to begin the next genesis of my RTG - historical military simulation. This is no pie in the sky dream...
I've done this before!
Previously, I designed, from the ground up, an RTS style Civil War simulation that placed #78 "Best Games of All Time" in 2012 PC Gamer Magazine. I have the art and sound teams in place and am ready to start the project upon meeting the "right" person programmer for the project.

I need an experienced programmer to be my partner and handle the programming aspect of the next installment of my new online, RTS that generates revenue with micro-transactions & pay-to-play monthly fees, etc. It's a hybrid RTS/RPG game.

I live in Newport Beach, CA and prefer someone I can meet face to face and work on this project. I plan to use the Unreal 3 or Unity 3D game engine for the project.
This project WILL be one of a kind!!

Please, only serious, badd-ass programmers apply. I want a Co-Founder and a partner to build this. ;)


Orange coast college

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1998 - 1998