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San Francisco, California, US

Founder at ShopTrends
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ShopTrends is a Social Fashion Network that helps you Discover Celebrity and Designer Fashion trends & Buy the look with a Single touch. Discover Popular street Styles and Browse Inspired Looks from Influencers around the world. Upload your inspired look and start influencing people with your unique Style while you discover new brands and styles from your favorite celebrities !

Why ShopTrends:
- Discover and Buy Celebrity Fashion & Street Style with a single touch
- Discover Brands, Retailers, Designers & Influencers.
- Tag your Inspired Look to posts. Show off your style & influence other folks. Build your Style Portfolio and be a TrendSetter.
- Get Recommendations that are tailored to your Fashion and Style statement.
- A disruptive new Marketing platform for Brands/Retailers to advertise and sell Fashion

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If you are a Fashion/Sales/Marketing expert and are interested in joining the team, please drop me a line and lets talk. I am looking for a retail/fashion person as a Co-Founder who can help with taking this platform to the next level.


At the intersection of Arts and Technology - Steve Jobs

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Senior Manager Wireless Group

Apple Inc

October 2008 - August 2016



September 2016 - Today


Texas A&M

Masters in Electrical

2001 - 2003