London, United Kingdom

Susan's Skills
Product Management

About Susan

1 of 200 selected in the world annually for Exceptional Talent in Digital Technology UK Work Visa. Also an American citizen with full flexibility to work across both sides of the pond.

Expert relationship builder and connector with 10+ years' experience successfully linking customers to Fortune 500 companies and digital tech startups in San Francisco and London; Senior marketing and communications leader who launched 80 new products which generated £120MM+ in sales; These efforts helped to deliver £260MM+ in revenue during my career

My strongest skills are in product launches, marketing strategy, and brand development. I started in the LED lighting startup division for General Electric and worked my way up to managing 2 product lines worth $60MM annually. My key customers included Wal-Mart and Target Inc,. I currently run my own consulting firm that helps high potential digital tech startups successfully launch new products solutions, expand current customer bases and build brands. Originally started in San Francisco, my firm has helped brands such as Doorman Inc, featured on, CNN and the hit American Entrepreneurial show - Shark Tank.

I graduated top of my class with perfect marks, earning an MBA in entrepreneurship / organizational behavior.

I am interested in opportunities with innovative high potential digital tech startups. Looking for a team driven by A types, visionaries, financially responsible and those not afraid to shake up the status quo, hustle and achieve results. Interested in being brought in at the beginning as the product solution is researched, created and tested vs. after the product/service offering is solidified.

Pursuing the following industries:

- AI / Machine Learning / Robotics
- Medtech
- Edtech
- Biotech
- Tech for Good
- Social Enterprise