Susan Frese

Orlando, Florida, US

Ideas, Solutions, Self-Starter. I already own a couple of businesses.
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Public Relations
Business Development

About Susan

I have started several business. A local pool service company. An online travel company that mainly focuses on discounts for attractions and tours. I have a ton of ideas for more companies. Actually redoing this site is one. I think you should search based on ideas v. people.

I currently work for an attraction support company as the Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing. I handle all the advertising and personally handle the SEO and paid search through PPC.

My travel site: It does well. I built the site in Word Press. I am an expert now in affiliate marketing (not product launches), but on the publisher side.

My ideas: a site for PTA (Parent Teacher Associations) to get donations, manage volunteers, etc. Schools are all over the place and every year the way in which a PTA communicates changes. It's a mess. This could be a fairly cheap way to manage communication with Parents. My school uses Facebook to reach out. You can't make payments for field trips or popsicles or the book fair or the 5th grade smencil fundraiser on facebook. Currently PTA communication is a discombobulated web of forms, different apps, facebook, newsletters, fundraising sites, signs in the car line. Did I say it's a mess?

This site. REdoing it based on ideas and not people. People apply to work for an idea. In this platform you have to comb through people looking for like minded people, but really we want to work for something we are interested in or something we think has potential. People on here don't even write anything about themselves. That is waste of my time.

A site that combines your digital assets, wills, passwords, photos all in one place. If I die on a plane or in a car crash and my phone is gone, my kids will never see the photos. They won't get access to my emails. They basically lose everything that I kept digitally. It's like a file cabinet online. Plus other ways to make income.

Digital Notary. Isn't it time! There has to be a way to change this. Even on zoom! Something.

I have 1000 more ideas. So many.


Do it now. - Me


Norwich University

BS in BA and MBA

2000 - 2000