Suzanne B. Martin

Dana Point, California, US

Suzanne B.'s Skills
Product Management

About Suzanne B.

I have 15 years of real estate experience and I know what agents need. My ideas will revolutionize a much needed segment of the market. There are over 3 million agents in the U.S. and there is nothing on the market like what I am about to create. I am looking for a Co-Founder and Partner who has startup internet experience to guide the process in the right direction along with a technical guru--webmaster to build our online portal and website.

My idea for this company has been brewing in my mind for a long time but over the last few years of my own actual experiences, it has caused me to be passionate about solving this long time dilemma and issue. I can foresee a huge success with this and a possible buyout when the time is right and if we want to sell!

Please reach out to me if you feel your skills can help me get this great idea off the ground! Thank you.
Suzanne Martin