Suzanne Clifford

Dublin, Ireland

Suzanne's Skills
Product Management

About Suzanne

I have been developing software that writes software in order to improve the lives of other web developers. The software gives web developers their own online coding assistant, saving hours of development time whilst creating reliable, robust results. I have been using this software personally for the last three years, but after developing a more user-friendly interface, I am now in a position to promote this to other developers.

I have been in the web development industry for over 10 years and during this time, I have created sites and applications for local, national and international companies. I have always been focused on creating better quality code and improving the development process.

Ideally, I am looking for someone who is very good at establishing relationships and has experience of building a loyal community of people.

My aim for the company is to build an international community of members that are paying to use the software, with the possible aim of selling to a larger company in the future.

I am starting to open talks with large tech investors and will only be interested in someone with the right sales and marketing experience and ambition to match my technical expertise.