Cindy Huynh , Founder

Designer, Product Manager

Sydney, Australia

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Minimum viable product built

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10 hours per week

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Technology Education


About Cindy

I'm looking for a CTO for my company - HSC Hero.
HSC Hero is an online learning platform for high school students. It's similar to khan academy however, it is tailored specifically to the HSC Year 12 Syllabus.

We currently have 3 co-founders (2 full-time, 1 part-time) and a team of 4 people overseas. We also have an incubator in Sydney interested in investing in the company. Feel free to have a look at the website and the content we provide. We're currently in Beta mode and are testing it out to students. We currently have over 50 students trialling the website and giving us feedback.

We've built our website on wordpress do not require too many hours of work per week. Especially in the beginning, it is to mainly refine the website and fix up existing bugs. We however would like to growth hack the website and would love to have anyone who is interested aboard. Please contact me :)

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