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Syed Harris

Business Developer, Product Manager, Engineer

Chennai, , India


Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Syed

Hi, i am a serial entrepreneur. I already manage a successful SaaS start-up with paying clients.
I have a new start-up idea and I have already started working on the prototype. I am looking for a Technical Co-Founder for this new product. If you are good in coding or have worked in a team or build an app on your own.
Do consider my offer and let's work on something great.

Here's What I want from my Technical Co-Founder:

1. You should have built something or worked in a team and should have built at least 1 product or Mobile app
2. You are good in one language like PHP, RoR, etc and are ready to learn a new language if it is required
3. You have an understanding of Development, staging, and production servers.
4. Subversion/Git setup
5. You maintain commenting and documentation that allows new hires to get started without too much confusion.
6. A clear and organized product roadmap.
7. and you love what you do(coding)

I am looking for a Co-Founder with equity and I am also ready to offer a salary with equity if you have some commitments or in a crunch.

I want to build an awesome company and I believe a good team is the foundation to realize that dream.
I am based in Chennai and Prefer someone in Chennai. My mobile +91-9176655717