Huntington Beach, California, US

Symonty's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Symonty

• Commercial software developer and entrepreneur since my first company age 15
• 30+ Years of computer programming / coding experience
• 28 Years of commercial software development, in most major languages, in varied industries
• 22 Years of project, people and business management experience
• 22 Years of Internet development and ISP and deployment from protocols to front ends.
• 10 years experience in multimedia, film and TV post production
• 12 years experience in non-terrestrial IP, aircraft passenger systems and satellite communication design / integration
• 10 years experience developing smartphone apps for Android, iOS , BB and Symbian.
• Active developer in a multitude of modern computer languages.
• Active member of the GNU open source community.
• Extensive Hardware integration in 680xx, x86, MIPS and PowerPC based systems
• Strong EE understanding for hardware integration.
• Strong background in 3D and 2D design, visual software and multimedia technologies
• Comprehensive understanding of all modern data, networking and internet protocols
• Invented, prototyped and deployed 4, “world’s first” connectivity projects
• Commercial software I developed in 1987 used till 2007, unchanged.
• Inventor of patents, 6,757,712 , 20040198348, 20040167967, 20020168975, 20020160773
• Present holder of Australian, European union and USA work permits
• Experience in international business and work practices