Tabula Rasa

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tabula's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Tabula

We need your help to lead this movement into an evolution in social gaming. ??We at PlayExpansion are passionate about gaming. We don’t only love to play games, but also the entire social aspect that comes along with it. We believe that there is so much more emersion that can be achieved when playing games with other people. As such we are committed to offering the global gaming community services that will expand the reach of the current gaming world and overall intensify and enhance the players gaming experience.

??How? Well, we have a lot of ideas already. Our ideas are inspired by the conversations we have had with players in the last 3 years, new technologies and new insights on social media and communities. Our ideas are focussed on:
-Players finding and sharing intense social experiences with friends and other players
-Creating, customizing and displaying clan and player identity
-Elevating the barrier for players to exit clans when leaving a game
-Rewarding and stimulating clan activity
-Tools for clan leaders to efficiently manage and communicate with their community
-Tools for clans to compete against rival clans in game events

Who am I?
My team mates call me Tabby or Tabs. The city of Amsterdam is where I was born almost 35 years ago. At the age of 24 I started my own company. I helped new entrepreneurs to start their own company. I wrote business plans with the help of their input, assisted in getting funding (mostly bank loans) for their projects and helped them find the right office or store location. I did this for over 2 years. It was one of the best periods of my life.

I have had several positions varying from Risk Management, Project Management to my current position in Business Process Consulting. The company is in the midst of a Digital Transformation, which is changing the way we do our business at its core. We are establishing strategic partnerships with Smart Services companies and working with the largest international consultants in technology solutions. Our Innovation team has launched several lean start-ups. I have been able follow and participate in these developments. I am completely dedicated to building PlayExpansion.
I am finishing my Gamification course at the University of Pennsylvania by professor Werbach and I enrolled in the Getting2Alpha masterclass by game designer and community architect Amy Jo Kim.

The rest of the team
The team has a background in programming, entrepreneurship, business administration, community leadership. More important they share my passion for gaming and my drive to bring our ideas to life.

Who are we looking for?
Passionate gamers with a burning desire to work in the gaming industry. With skills and experience in programming, data analytics and engineering.