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I previously founded a company (MicroTac Software) that was #55 on the Inc. 500 list before being sold to a publicly-traded firm. I then spent many years volunteering in the fight against Big Tobacco, providing technology tools to advocates in public health. Eventually organizations asked me to do other health-related web tools, and off and on over the past few years I've had between 2 and 6 employees working for me on various projects.

One of those projects was particularly exciting, because I could see how it would fill a need that many public health researchers have. The client wanted timely measurements of people's behaviors and attitudes (the fancy term is "ecological momentary assessment" or "experience sampling"). We built a toolkit that allowed the client to create their own set of survey questions, and deploy them via text message surveys.

We believe there is a significant market for researchers needing this kind of capability, see clinicaltrials.gov for a list of potential clients. Currently eight paying clients use the platform, universities like Stanford and NYU, and non-profit public health organizations like Louisiana Public Health Institute and American Legacy Foundation. After 3 years of development and custom deployments, we're ready to scale our technology and offer it to significantly more clients. Soon, we'll also be offering our surveys via IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and via our iOS/Android mobile app.

You can read more about the Survos Platform at www.survos.com

The ideal co-founder would have experience in creating marketing materials, especially for inclusion with federally funded research and clinical trial opportunities, and then marketing and selling to appropriate organizations. We'll have a booth at the APHA conference in November to connect with some of these researchers, and expect to market via multiple channels during the next year. Some of these clients will use the self-managed platform, and others will want a proposal and a contract and want more personalized attention. I love developing and talking about the software, and am looking to partner with someone who loves business development, including Sales and Marketing.

Although we're a more mature company than many others on this site (total revenue of $700k+ over the last 3 years), we're still a start-up expecting significant growth.

If I can show you great technology, and if you think you can sell it to a few dozen clients in the next several months, and to a few hundred in the next few years, please get in touch.


Villanova University

electrical engineering

1984 - 1984