Tahra Makinson-Sanders

San Francisco, California, US

Crowd Sources Labor Expert, Project manager
Tahra's Skills
Product Management

About Tahra

I am triathlete who wants to solve a problem in the sports apparel marketplace. Currently the sports bra options for women limit them to over the head, compression bras which you have to be an octopus to get in and out of and the give yo a uni-boob look. We are strong, fit people but we are women. Bras designed over a 100 years ago are not servicing us well.

My sports bra design is unique and women are asking for it.

I have been part of a startup building the country' s first national brand for wedding photography by harnessing the power f crowd sourced labor before that was an actual term.

i have been a staff photojournalist and director of photography at some well respected newspapers around the country. I know how to get the attention of the media.

Work Experience

SEM Specialist

Agora Inc.

April 2012 - December 2016