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crowdvalley will be web plat home of matching service between BD development and local JP manager to local client for Web application and smartphone application development with trust.

?Mission? Remove information gap.
Our mission is made by Takagi’s experience in 2012 when Takagi met a child beggar in Bangladesh.

The child was speaking pretty briskly and his eyes were glowing while he was talking with Takagi. At that time, Takagi thought that if the child was born in Japan, he could take education and get a good job and overcome me.
Thinking this, Takagi got hurt at the bottom of his heart for losing possibility or potentiality. Then Takagi wanted to solve this kind of social problem by giving chance to people without poor and rich.

Why did Takagi feel like that? Takagi was kind of rich when he was child but the business of his father was bankrupt. Then he became very poor like stop power and water in Japan. But he got scholarship to come to Bangladesh by Japanese government with his low educational back ground. So, SamePage would like to give chance to potential persons and change their life and society.

We are on the SamePage.

Bangladesh development teams has qualifications ISO and CMMI level 5 to be acquired and another team are WordPress core contributor, 70 Ruby engineer team, Python team etc...

We have the office near Tokyo station and have one room for our partner for living Tokyo.

Project profile of crowdvalley.

Akihiro Takagi
SamePage Inc.
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Address 1-1-5 505, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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