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Tal Flanchraych

Product Leader (ex-Amazon, Wag)

Los Angeles, United States
Startup stage
Business Development, Fundraising, Marketing, Product Management, Design
I build addictive products, platforms, and marketplaces that people love and come to rely on, especially as part of ambitious market strategies and using evidence-based, user-centered methods. My toolkit: a deep knowledge of mobile, a love of human psychology, regular introspection, and a decade of experience. As an extrovert and a lifelong learner, I'm fulfilled by creating deep working relationships with sharp people and helping develop ambitious, tight-knit teams. As a manager, I endeavor to make myself redundant by empowering people smarter than I am. And at heart, I'm a social scientist, so to me, building products is an ongoing exercise in applied psychology. In practice, I'm also a bit subversive -- I'm systems-oriented, deeply skeptical, and have a spidey-sense for finding systemic gaps and opportunities. Before Wag and Amazon, I led Product at Springshot, an enterprise startup helping blue-collar workers manage tasks and collaborate in aviation, hospitality, and beyond, with an added layer of game mechanics to keep them engaged across iOS, Android, and web. My team of 5 PMs and designers were tasked with untangling and automating complex workflows in some of the most underserved industries. Prior to that, I was a co-founder of Flywheel, now one of the most widely-used consumer taxi apps. I've also spent time leading Product at EdTech startup Firsthand and consulting for early stage startups. And if you're from New Jersey, you may appreciate that my first PM job was building out Outside of my day job, I'm an instructor at Product School and the organizer of Women in PM. Other interests include behavioral science, dog rescue work, fiction, shoe shopping, dark humor, and extreme sports, though in reality I spend most of my spare time chasing around a small, nutty dog. I'm also an amateur psychiatrist at the School of WebMD; the brain fascinates me and I have been known to impose my diagnoses on friends, family, and unsuspecting strangers.

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