Pavel Lavreshin , Intern

Tallinn, Estonia

Pavel is looking for an internship

About Pavel

Dates available

From 11/30/-0001 to 11/30/-0001


Will consider an unpaid internship

Recent accomplishments

Developing various microservices and monolith apps in Java/Scala, Python as well as fullstack apps in JS on top of AngularJs, Meteor.js. Can-do native Android development as well as JS-framework based (ionic, cordova).
Experienced in BigData products like Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Hadoop/Yarn.
Able to act as devops and setup full deployment harness.
Live video games, various REST based microservices, payment gateways and integrations, custom statistics gathering solutions.


About Pavel

Interested in building new scalable and high-load solutions, applying BigData, Machine Learning and AI best practices.
Very keen to solve various challenges in medical and travelling industries.


Tallinn University of Techology

Bachelor of Engineering

- 2011