Tamas Kalman

San Francisco, California, US

Consultant at Squidcode & Co-Founder at Tryp
Tamas's Skills
Product Management

About Tamas

I was engaged with software development before age 10 and I started my first company at age 21. I've founded several startups in Europe which all served as a crash course and successfully sold one while I was working in Ireland on StatCounter where I had the privilege to redesign their entire analytical backend architecture to be able to scale for much larger traffic. Currently they are analyzing 15 billion hits a month in real time. Currently I'm working at StumbleUpon in San Francisco. Besides of software engineering I love traveling, interested in photography, design, electronic music, 3d cameras, drones, cultures, social structures, and always looking for a way to improve things around.

Work Experience

Senior Backend Engineer


April 2015 - May 2016