Tamas Turcsan

Shenzhen, China

Founder of Magosero Eco Superfoods
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How to find your Co-founder?

This is really my top priority in recent months. I set out on my own journey to start and bulild a brand around the notion of Seed°Power. During my first ''real' job in Beijing, when I thought that my life just really began, I was suffering from the heavy pollution, the undrinkable water, and by my later realised nutrient-deprived diet. Whenever I came back to my motherland Hungary, I become more and more certain in that real wealth is really in the soil, where we grow our food. It then seemed also obvious that ensuring the restoration of soil fertility is just such a fundamental priority.

Than I looked at the origin of living life in nature: I found it in seeds. I remember I was always amazed as a child that if I just took the Seed of a delicious, juicy apricot in a hot summer day and planted it into the ground, it will..one day become an apricot tree! How is it possible that a tiny seed has such power inside of it? - I still wonder today. I started to look at other fruits and their scientific studies and it become obvious that a seed contains all life enabling elements in its properties. This notion of seed-power was born in my mind.

But I found that this principle not only applies to our biological life but to our mental performance as well. I always look at how to challeng myself, just to craft my own edge, stay true to my path and what I believe is great work to do.

There is a seed in every one of us, that will be more shiny and resilient as we go about to challenge and create ourselves in life. Adventurers I found are what really nurture the mind and gives hope and reward to our whole beings. Both at the mental and biological levels, no matter what comes to our ways, we can always rely on our own inner seed, that core tiny powerhouse of ours. The brand I set out to build is an authentic representation and a remainder for this principle.

My ideal co-founder partner, by some other ways, has her/his own Seed°Power conviction s/he want to bring into full play by connecting food with adventure and restoration.