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LEAH software IS in the financial industry. i already invested 200k . i have 5 programmers oversee in my payroll. we have lots of paying customer. we have awesome market traction. we are looking for two co-founder. one of sales and one for senior programming. we can not pay the co-founder right now, but we are willing to give equity stake in the company. we are on the pace of becoming profitable in six months. Both co-founder have to give full time or close to full time hours. PROGRAMMER -has to have atleast 5 years experience in front and back end development. LEAH is cloud based multi-tenant software hosted in amazon ec2 cloud. so the programs has to have experience in amazon hosting, multi-tenant cloud. SALES- This co-founder have to have experience in sales and marketing, need to know how to raise fund,very good with technology, proven track record. We should be able to exit in 5-7 years for 15-30 million. we are on the track for that. IF YOU HAVE TIME IN YOUR HAND AND READY FOR THE CHALLENGE, contact me through email or my linked in page https://www.linkedin.com/in/tanmehedi. we can meet face to face in anywhere in atlanta,ga