Tanim Haider

London, United Kingdom

Tanim's Skills
Business Development

About Tanim

My idea is for a mobile app service for consumers. The industry size is $48B in United States. There are no companies with dominant market share. The industry has been growing steadily over the last 5 years at a very slow rate. This is due to lack of disposable income.

The problem my service will solve: My app idea will provide consumers a service they already purchase at a lower cost. Those who can’t afford it take other costly measures to compensate for the service. My app will make the service significantly affordable. It will also create new customers in the industry as more and more people will be able to afford the service.

How will the app solve this problem: The app will utilise idle capacity within our society. People who aren’t earning any income will have a new source of income. People who currently pays for the service at a high cost will find it cheaper to purchase the service.

I am looking for someone with strong coding/programming skills. While business development, fund raising, marketing, sales and research are some of my strength, coding/programming is not.