Tanvir Anjum

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Tanvir's Skills
Product Management

About Tanvir

What I can help you with:

Embedded Systems

I am a passionate electrical and computer engineer with Hands on skill. I am Experienced in all stages of hardware and software development from design to manufacturing. I do have a very well paid day time job, but I put aside plenty of time to work on my side projects and I always get things done on time.
I also have a pool of engineers on hire I work with, and contacts with electronics manufacturers in China. So in short, I have plenty of resources to rapidly move a project forward. What I am looking for is like-minded highly motivated enterpreneurs who are "do-ers" rather than dreamers, and can make the impossible happen.
I can aslo invest upto $10,000

Secondary interests:
Mobile apps
Social networking sites

I am also looking to invest and lead web based projects. I have resources to make apps and websites at a fraction of the cost. Please email me only if your project is passed the idea stage and you have some financial model in place.

I am a fun person to work with, so if any of this this interests you, please message me ASAP.