Tao You

Manchester, United Kingdom

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About Tao

Online demo:

I am an expert in mathematical and statistical modelling in the pharmaceutical industry, with a highly successful track record in cancer drug discovery and development projects at big pharmas.

As someone interested in fitness and health, I was frustrated there was no scientifically-validated tool available for anyone to plan food intake and physical activities for the foreseeable body composition and nutritional outcomes. The general practice is still selling people secrets to health. To me, there is no secrets, just science.

Since July 2015, I read > 700 papers on physiology modelling relevant to health and fitness. I have developed a predictive algorithm-based web service to help people lose/gain weight and eat better (www.phd-fitness.com). It allows users to

Simulate body weight outcome to evaluate chosen calorie intake+activity targets
Optimise intake of chosen foods for nutritional balance
Unlock hidden secrets in physical activity pattern
Identify recovery period to best space activities

These are complemented by a nutritional questionnaire and a learning algorithm to model one's unique physiology.

I am fortunate enough to have experienced software engineers and designer to join me in this exciting project. We have surveyed and talked to nearly 200 customers for market research and design.

Currently we are looking for funds to further develop the online demo into an exciting product.

If you have

1. experience in business development
2. experience in fund raising

And you can help us develop this into a serious business in the multi-sided market, give me a prod.