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Manchester, United Kingdom


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About Tao

I am an expert in mathematical and statistical modelling in the pharmaceutical industry, with a highly successful track record in drug discovery and development projects at big pharmas. The lung cancer drug Tagrisso was one of my many success stories.

Since July 2015, I have been drawn into health and fitness. I read > 700 papers on physiology modelling relevant to health and fitness. I was frustrated there was no scientifically-validated tool available for anyone to assess, plan, monitor and analyse their own physical activities. The general practice is still selling people secrets to health. To me, there is no secrets, just science.

Since Sep 2015, I have been developing a predictive algorithm-based web service to help people lose weight. It features assessment of own health, planning of physical activities, monitoring of progress and analysis of personal movement and body weight data in order to infer each person's unique physiology and enable a truly customised personal movement plan to suit one's needs. I have generated my own data to develop this algorithm.

I am close to finishing a demo that works on my laptop.

Currently, I am looking for a brilliant developer to join me to develop this exciting project into an attractive prototype. If you have

1. experience in developing commercial-grade cloud-based applications
2. experiences in selling prototype to end customers
3. willing to work 10-20h p/w to turn the application into real products

Give me a prod.

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