Tarek Ayoub

Sydney, Australia

Co-founder & CEO @PushWings and @Polly, 2ndText (Acquired), Ex Management Consultant @PwC
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About Tarek

A serial entrepreneur and consultant that has generated more than $1 Billion dollars for companies whilst consulting for the largest firm in the world. In one of my most recent projects, I helped generate over $360 Million by restructuring the operating model of one of the largest Universities in Australia, and together with the work of my team, we helped them achieve one of the highest ranks in the country, and 46 worldwide. Experience in Strategy & Operations, TOM design, Restructuring and M&A for multiple industries.

At University, I started my first Startup 2ndtext that was a marketplace to buy and sell University books as well as review courses. I sold the Startup for 6 figures in my final year of University.

At the age of 18 I managed and owned a portion of a sales dealership. I continually assessed opportunities in the market for profitable growth and made appropriate decisions to sustain the kind of approaches that were in demand, but change very rapidly. Consequently, I achieved sales growth of 70% on my first year managing the dealership. I did this by changing the sales strategy, team culture and target market which resulted in a significant increase in contracts sold.

I'm a down to earth, serial entrepreneur working on a couple of projects. Have a lot of experience solving problems for CEOs of multinational corporations, with more than $1b made for them, I thought it was about time I did it for myself.
Looking for a Technical Co-founder that is as dedicated as I am to develop an idea of mine.


"I haven't failed, I just found 10,000 ways that won't work" - Thomas Edison

Work Experience

Management Consultant


January 2013 - April 2016

Previously a Management Consultant, with experience in Corporate & operational strategy, Target operating model design, Restructuring, M&A, Technology Implementation & Project Management in Financial Services, Govt, Telecommunications, Utilities, Health & Higher Education.


Victoria University of Wellington

Bachelor of Commerce and Administration

2009 - 2011