Tatiana Finkelsteyn

Denver, Colorado, US

Successful entrepreneur looking for next idea
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About Tatiana

I'm an entrepreneur who dreams big, gets things done and always gives back. I'm also an avid traveler and a learning junkie.

In 2003, I founded IQ Wired, a consulting company assisting businesses with audit, procurement, and management of telecom and IT services. Today, IQ Wired is one of the largest regional agencies with over 4,500 business clients, strong direct and indirect channels, and stellar industry reputation. We built an incredible team and accomplished key milestones, including managing over $60M in annual telecom spend and winning the #1 Place to Work by Denver Business Journal.

In 2016, we transitioned day to day operations of IQ Wired to our leadership team and I have had an incredible opportunity to spend the entire year traveling. With my husband, we visited 27 countries, met with 62 businesses and got a once-in-a-lifetime perspective on the global business and social environments.

I currently support IQ Wired as a chairman of the board as well as with strategic projects. I'm also looking for new business ideas that combine technology, entrepreneurship and social impact.