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I'm a seasoned startup founder who has created some of the most successful apps on the App Store. My proudest accomplishment to date has to be creating Jamie Oliver's 20 Minute Meals. The app was recognised by Apple at a ceremony held during their Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in 2010, where they presented us with a rare and coveted Apple Design Award.

We had started our app publishing company a year earlier with a full-time team of just two plus a freelance graphic designer. My job-title was 'CEO', but as founder of a fledgling start-up I covered a number of roles including Product Manager, UX Designer and Software Engineer. 20 Minute Meals was an international smash-hit, reaching the overall top-grossing app position in dozens of countries around the world and is still one of the highest grossing recipe apps of all time.

Following up on our initial success, we published Jamie Oliver’s Recipes, a subscription based recipe product that has been downloaded by over 13M people around the globe and for which we received numerous accolades including two Webby awards. This success has been reflected commercially, with the app grossing millions of dollars in revenue and maintaining leading positions in the app download charts. In addition to this, we also produced the critically acclaimed Touchfit, the first home training app designed to adapt and evolve after every workout, and Phaidon Design Classics, the first ‘coffee table’ app for iPad.

As I consider a move to Berlin (temporarily based here for now), I'm keen to build my network and connect with potential co-founders/partners for future projects who have complimentary skill-sets and experiences to my own. Particularly those who are on the marketing, biz dev, operations/financial side of the equation. World-class designers would also be very welcome!

Would love to meet for coffee with some of you and discuss ideas for the future...