Nokesville, Virginia, US

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Product Management

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Are you a fantastic software or business developer, but you need someone with actual product development experience? Are you looking for someone experienced with getting things manufactured and quality tested? Do you need someone who really understands what it takes to turn an idea into a physical product that you can sell and make a profit? Do you need someone who can put together a development strategy, a schedule, an execution plan? Then I am your girl. I worked for many years as an electronics product developer for some of the bell weather tech companies in Silicon Valley. I have successfully managed the product development and market release of electronics that you probably use everyday. I am open to joining any team that can use my unique engineering management and product development does not necessarily have to be electronics based. AND of course, I have ideas of my own, but I would need software developers to be willing to join me. I have an idea focused on combining touch free interfaces and the internet for gesture recognition applications.