Denver, Colorado, US

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Business Development
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About Techsalesgirl

I am a career software and services sales professional with experience selling a wide range of complex technology solutions to IT and business groups at companies ranging from F-500 to startups. In addition to my sales experience and a solid network, I have a better-than-average layperson's understanding of technology and the software development process, having for years worked with customers and employers that develop their own software products.

My experience in technology sales has led me to develop a concept that I've been validating with my contacts in IT and tech sales, related to helping vendors to optimize customer interactions and close sales faster. I have gotten great feedback on the concept thus far and am looking to take it a step further.
I need the help of a developer/architect to help me round out the plan and understand what's possible.
I can share much more detail, feel free to contact me, open to networking also.
Also open to mentoring.


University of Colorado, Boulder

Bachelor of Arts

1991 - 1991