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Many people with stars in their eyes and head in the clouds,think that one day they will roll in wealth and drift on the roads with a ferrari.But when it comes to putting their dreams into action,they tend to slink away just after facing a few failures.They think that they are unlucky and slowly they give up everything and compromise themselves to lead an ordinary life like all others and die.I’m proud to say that I’m not going to be one among those kind of people.I started my first business at the age of 15 years.So far, I’ve being in many fields,faced many failures and got a lot of experience besides money. I've completed my B-Tech in civil engineering in a reputed college.Immediately after graduation, I got a job but I worked for the company not more than six months because of unsatisfactory work and salary.Now I want to ,not just want ,in fact I need to start a business enterprise ,surely not just for my survival and for fulfillment of my basic needs and requirements but to transform my whole life style. But so far from my intermediate, the money I've earned will not be solely sufficient to start up a full fledged business enterprise.Even if I go for a start up,the first day or week onwards I may not start earning,even by chance if I got something,it must be reinvested to develop and to make the enterprise sustainable for the present and future competition.In addition to that, I need time to work with optimum effort.So, apart from my capabilities and experience,here money and time are the basic requirements and investments.I’ve some ideas ,further clear cut plans and estimates of them. But however , without much money and time,I cannot make a single step into any of those fields. So, what I expect finally is not an investment in the form of money as that is a secondary thing and primarily I want a like minded person with the belief on my thoughts and effort.But,the belief surely will not come just by reading this big paragraph about me,I know. Even if someone comes with a better idea,I'm always ready to work for & work with,further I can provide the resources required for that if I can.I would like the person of age above 35 years to be my co-founder to just keep out all the impatient and inexperienced persons .If you are such a person with some investment ,not wanting to affix a single particular job or a field throughout your life, want to grow and gain in addition to what you have now and last but not least if you are not an ordinary common person with limited goals and dreams., I wholeheartedly welcome you as so far I've been searching for you only., let's meet and join our hands together to start a new friendship,a new enterprise to introduce a new couple of entrepreneurs to this world...