Tejas Srini

Bengaluru, India

Tejas Srini's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Tejas Srini

About Me
- I have lead the product and marketing for a Mobile App that resulted in 15,000 downloads in 4-6 weeks. In comparison, Microsoft would have taken months to sell as many DOS installs to their customers.
- Imagine managing high pressure Star Trek missions. In a like manner, I have managed multiple multi - MILLION DOLLARS merchant portfolios at PayPal/eBay (Austin, TX).
- Solid tech chops as well as marketing/business chops.

About YOU
- Open Minded, Creative, Detail Oriented, Visual Communicator, Collaborative and Cooperative.
- Strong Technical chops and good understanding of the Tech Stack, the Web, etc.
- Can learn tech stuff quickly and respond dynamically to the changing environment.


The University of Texas at Austin

Master of Science in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering

2008 - 2008