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Product Manager, Programmer

Tel Aviv, Israel

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About Lior

WikiWand is an early-stage startup, bringing Wikipedia from 2001 to 2014.
The venture raised seed money and built a prototype that reached over 1M users worldwide.
We're now looking for a CTO co-founder to grow with us (offering salary + equity)

Who we are?
* Saar Wilf (sold his company to PayPal for $170M)
* Lior Grossman (experienced startup entrepreneur, half product half technologist)

The opportunity:
* Wikipedia is the world's 6th largest website, serving over 30B pages every month to 365M users.
* Wikipedia was built 13 years ago and hasn't changed much since. While web and mobile apps made a huge progress, Wikipedia still offers the same outdated product from 2001.

What we do:
* We are building the world's best Wikipedia client, introducing radically better functionality, user experience, navigation and personalization.
* Eventually, we want to revolutionize the way people consume knowledge.

We are looking for a strong CTO co-founder to grow with us!
A multidisciplinary technologist and problem-solver with a can-do attitude.
Highly experienced with backend, architecture, databases and algorithms.

We offer
* Salary + substantial equity (co-founder)
* Big and interesting technological challenges
* Impact over the company's product, strategy, roadmap and culture
* A chance to use cutting-edge technologies
* An opportunity to improve the lives of millions

Product Management
Managing People