Teresa D.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Teresa D.'s Skills
Product Management

About Teresa D.

I aim to reclaim women's products as truly personal products, empowering feminine life with signature kits and care packages. How? By refashioning practical products and conventional consumption process into customized and community-building experiences. Product lines will weave together elements of biology, sociology, pop culture, cultural diversity, psychology, and literature. Products will be introduced holistically and elegantly, using technology in new ways.

I am looking for partners to help me conduct feasibility analyses, write a business plan, and launch new product lines.

I am a Writer, Researcher, and Trainer.

As Writer and Researcher:
Have introduced the business world to a vision of improved business models and values, studied and researched feminism and ethics, and explored new consumer priorities and consumption choices.

-Ethical Supply Chain Management in China, May 2009
China Business Review

-Give Money or Die, December 2008
Corporate Responsibility Navigator
-Published in English and Polish and circulated worldwide

Confucianism and the Ethics of Care

As Trainer and Educator:
Have introduced young people to travel, educational, life, language, technical skills, assisting in character formation.

Examples include training in English language in US and China, creating internship handbooks at non-profit, and implementing a mock trial high school program in County Prosecutor's office.



MBA - Entrepreneurship

2014 - 2014