Terrell Davis

Riverview, Florida, US

Terrell's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Terrell

I have been an independent IT consultant for over ten years. I have enjoyed working for many Fortune 500 companies all over the United States. Over the years I have built a reputation for helping my clients solve complex business problems with software technology.

Recently, I have developed a SAAS based Utility Management application for large and commercial customers. Initially designed for Property Managers, the application allows users to easily view and manage their electric, gas and water accounts usage and billing. Additionally it empowers them to initiate service requests that would normally require lengthy customer support calls to each individual supplier. Utilities and smart meter providers are prime customers of the application as it reduces overall customer support costs while providing a modern solution that seamlessly integrates with their existing systems.

I am currently looking for funding in order to properly market the product and for someone who can help guide the company in the right direction.


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