Terrell Gray

Los Angeles, California, US

Terrell's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Terrell

Clearly I am a young entrepreneur with no experience. I believe that if that is what tuns you away I'm not looking for you anyways. I am interested in someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to raise their salary to upwards of billions. I have large ambitions and goals for my age and I don't plan on having them remain simply dreams for much longer. I moved up to the 12th University in the World (UCLA) after coming from Lancaster, CA a town known for its setbacks to the youth. This is the same drive I offer as your business partner and the same drive I am looking for in a business partner. I have Keen business instincts and study business like Muhammad Ali studied boxing. There is no one who will stop me from attaining my large ambitions. The only question is where will you be when you see my name 15 years from now? Will you be right beside me or regretting your decision to pass me up?

I am looking for someone to help design and program an innovative social media platform that I have come up with. I do have 3+ years experience in several Adobe CS products as well as Cinema4D. Some experience using Unix based software. Understand coding lines. I just need someone who is able to take on this role as a sole developer so I can manage the other aspects of the business. Offering very high equity once funding is resolved.