Terrence Williams

Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Terrence's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Terrence

I have developed a SaaS product that has easy implementation across several markets (real, not hypothetical). I've started in a market that I know the most about, and have brought the product to a soft launch and already have paying customers who are happy with the product. I am in the black and with no debt (except for the hours and hours that I poured into development). I realize that I can't really make a meaningful push forward without a team. I'm not a control freak -- happy to share -- but want to find the right people. Looking for 1-2 people who can help with really pushing the business model into investment/growth mode as well as a technical partner who might be able to take on some of the future development and tweaks, allowing me to focus a bit more on product management as well.