Golden, Colorado, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About Terri

Founder- Marketing- wants congenial Co-Founders Techies / Developers finessed enough to also Market.... talk to me about 1 of 2 different projects.

#1 opportunity - I seek Professional Parents with school age kid(s) - doctors, lawyers, investment bankers, entrepreneurs, engineers, educators, techies / developers... w flair for Marketing & top quality K-12 education passions to kick-start -- PreK to 12th grade High Tech STEM + Early College Charter School in SW Denver.

Going after grant funds NOW... it's tough... HELP..! I need other STEM charter-school Co-Founders… ! Professionals from varied fields create a "well rounded" Founding Planning Board. I also hope to locate 1 to several other innovative, compatible Co-Founders to "Kickstart" all elements & plans for this school.

#2 opportunity is a medical software customization and initial year support for client. Client will select either Proprietary or Open Source tool geared for docs & hospitals. You, or the firm you represent -- should be passionate about helping doctors achieve optimal patient care, & be exposed to less liability. Also helping doctors meet new required legal criteria for patient e-health records...

Inquiries about #1 STEM Charter Sch, or #2 e-Health Records : TLnielsen21 at gmail dot com