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Product Management

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I came across this site and joined to see what will happen, feel free to get in touch with me if you would like to talk about anything.

I am interested in the following areas:
-social media

and others as well but those are some examples.

I'm working on the fashion site on my own right now (outsourcing the design and programming work).

I have a degree in engineering, philosophy, and fashion.

I want to find a cofounder that would be interested in working together.

I would like a cofounder that I can bounce some ideas off of and work together to decide on a project to work on. I want to find a partner who wants to apply to Techstars with me, if this is something you might be interested in please let me know!

I'm available to work on the project full time. Basically my schedule is very open now and I'm just travelling now in London, I can move to anywhere in the US and have no problems working 15 hours/day on my projects.

--Sept 27th update:
I've recently opened a beta testing version of my site
I managed to get a prototype up by hiring contractors on odesk (~500 hours for the graphics and 500 hours+ for the programming), but didn't have the best experience with the programming (they overbilled and left some errors on the site that I need to find someone else to fix) so I'm looking for a new programmer or tips on how to hire a good programmer on a contractor site
If you want to chat more please send me a message, I'm usually online all day..
thanks :)