Theodore Vaida

Colorado Springs, Colorado, US

Founder/CTO at Exact Assembly
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I hold several US Patents for ASIC design and computing technologies, and I've started a number of companies in the past. I've run product design teams doing PCB engineering and software development, and dealt with technologies from 8051 micro controllers running POTS Telecommunications on modems (V.8bis), very high speed PCB design with 12Gbps Serial Attached SCSI (SAS/SCSI), and multi-million gate ASICs RTL, synthesis, timing and physical layout with RS6000 processor cores. On the software side I develop for RTOS, Linux/Unix and BSD/OS X at application level and device-drivers and even written EFI boot loaders.

I'm very comfortable working with technical and non-technical customers to define, scope, bid and manage technical sales contracts, and even do a only-half-bad impression of a marketer. In the past I've been a speaker, panelist, and presenter at conferences ranging in size from niche-focused ATCA, to the massive Embedded Systems Conference (SFO). I enjoy creating and running training classes and workshops for partners and clients, and I have even been asked to present new technologies to college faculty.

I joined a startup out of college, and experience the ups and downs of VC funded business, worked through the "we are looking for a buyer" phase in the trenches, and experienced the crushing outcome of being purchased by a company with a really bad fit. The best way to describe my role in that job was "Technology Evangelist" to convince internal and external partners to use a technology that was both ahead of its time, and then suddenly obsolete (the internet killed us).

I left that world and went to a Fortune 500 as a field engineer and began significant activity in IEEE working groups, company tiger teams, and international travel as a "Systems Evangelist" - working with internal partners to transform the company's methods and practices towards something more sustainable and profitable. I survived several rounds of expansion and contraction, and transitioned into an advanced R&D team looking at a "technology of the future". With dual shocks of recession and 9/11, the company abandoned our advanced technology, and eliminated the R&D team.

With several local aviation enthusiast friends, I set out to create a company to address aircraft operational issues including safety and cost effectiveness of maintenance. We created patents, and built up partnership relations with our best potential customers, but after several pivots we exhausted our personal funding stakes, and never closed on a VC or angel round.


Remember that you are a Black Swan - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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Exact Assembly

April 2013 - December 2016


Lehigh University

BS Electrical Engineering

1991 - 1996




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