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Woodland Park, New Jersey, US

Inventor. Hard working. Mechanical musician.
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I've performed in all kinds of venues as a drummer, but it was the small ones - clubs, cafes, radio stations - that drove me to make a device that suits such settings, which ironically I debuted playing Carnegie Hall, a large setting. It was a hit from then on so I've since patented it in the US and have filed a PCT to patent internationally, and started a company named after the invention: THI-HAT...

THI-HAT is a compact device that allows drummers, percussionists and musicians to play hi-hats on their thigh (hence "THI"-HAT, as in "thigh" hat), fully actuated, without a hi-hat stand. I'm just a mechanic now and have been building them myself, and have financed the whole patent process and trademark process through to completion as well as the tools and materials I continually need to make them. I've been doing this because I know they will take off and I'm driven to see them make a great impact around the world.

But in truth I am not a natural business mind, and have financially tapped myself out on my mechanic's salary. I am rigorously hard working and thinking, to an extreme, and I simply want to do right by this idea and am looking for someone either to partner with and learn from, or to help me devise a solid roadmap I can put THI-HAT on toward success. Particularly regarding manufacturing... building each by hand one by one is taking its toll on me. Estimates from manufacturers and machine shops are out of my range so far.

You can visit or @thihatpercussion on instagram to see it in action. As of now it's merely a word-of-mouth thing.
If I advertised at this stage, I will be flooded with orders I won't be able to keep up with. Again, it is a handmade product yet, so procuring commercial manufacturing or at least a smoother sustainable manufacturing process on my own... will put THI-HAT in position to make a big push for.

Advice and direction appreciated as well.