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London, United Kingdom


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First time founder

About Thierry

I am a consultant in the financial services with 5 years experience both as B.A and P.M.

I have recently moved to London and for the past 6 months i have had an idea that i can't seem to shake off.

It first started as a problem that i could solve and that helped me impress people around me, but it quickly grew to the point where i drafted
- a business plan,
- A full list of functionalities
- couple of screens of the future solution.

Not being able to find a co-founder around me, i realized i needed more what the final product could do for my daily life than the actual start up. So i learned VBA and developed something automatic on excel that i am able to use at work (the spreadsheet currently has 20.000 lines of vba code, that's just to tell you how hard it was for me as a beginner).

I have interviewed high profiles around me that would love to have that kind of product, but i am limited technically and can't seem to take the idea further than VBA.

If you are interested in working on a challenging product that could change the way people work today, feel free to contact me.

I am not looking for a simple developer, but a true co-founder that will see the potential of the idea, enrich it and help me transform it into a viable product.


Product Management