Thomas Eidsmore


Santa Cruz, California, US

Focused on autonomous vehicles and robotics, and how they'll change cargo logistics
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About Thomas

I'm a cofounder at Masterhaul LLC. We've developed a robotic system that allows autonomous trucks to pick up and drop off cargo without a driver on board. Our product can also be installed in any existing truck in less than 30 minutes. Potential customers include Amazon, Uber Cargo, Fedex, and other delivery operations; also Ford, GM, and other OEMs. Masterhaul aimed to develop a product that would forever change how people, trucks, and cargo interact with one another.  Our patented product has achieved this goal and subsequently brought the pickup truck into the 21st century. Our recently completed prototypes are fully functional.


Great companies are built on great products. - Elon Musk

Work Experience


Eidsmore Enterprises

January 2003 - January 2013

As a lover of cars and trucks I decided to get my vehicle dealer's license while attending school. Soon after, I started buying cars at wholesale dealer auctions throughout the country. After selling numerous high end vehicles to Chinese exporters I decided to start exporting them myself. I formed partnerships with exotic car dealerships in Hong Kong and China and soon became their primary source of inventory. They appreciated my knowledge and expertise and over time trusted that the vehicles I sold them were the very best examples available. In addition to exotics I also exported trucks, SUVs, and armored vehicles.


University of California Santa Barbara


1999 - 2003


Financial Modeling

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