Thomas Garrity

Phoenix, Arizona, US

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Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Thomas

Knowledgeable PM/Securities Analyst, at discovering factor exposures that investors pay greater attention to and are significant to the subject of shaping growth companies. Study and a matter of observation has taught me that a stocks trading level tends to pendulate constituent of investors (emotional) reactions to avoid losses or not miss out. However, there will always be Alpha stocks that progress with course and go it alone. And these same equities come to be perceived or realized almost exclusively by stakeholders who sought to build/make better (investment engines) decisions via Technology.

Seeks to automate the investment research process by expanding on search engine capabilities like Google, but eliminating the cold-start problems of having to sift thru the clutter of 1000's of URL's, to (gain visibility) see clearly all the developments surrounding a company and industry. Our goal is to develop an investment/stock research engine which integrates across aggregate sources of information to assimilate what we see and spot. The discovery of previously unknown (shaded or hidden) knowledge, alerts us that changes in a business are forthcoming.

My ideal candidate is someone who has a high view of Equity-Data and Analysis. This individual will have a passion for working hard and focused on delivering a best in breed emerging FinTech (Automated Investment Research) software. Efforts directed at building out constructs between source dataset and stock traits. Curating and interrogation of domains with the right data that fit into questions within the business and disaggregate factors that lead to change and drive company performance. Establishing inputs that function to show answers in search results predictive of catalysts or event-detection. Level of Technology and Programming knowledge requires capabilities for applications of use in: search/scrape/analytics, to design the learning experience of the content for stock ideation.