Thomas Rodelli

New York, New York, US

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Founder of ANIMUS Software & Design, a social aggregator. As a motivated multi-disciplinarian, I work tirelessly on all aspects of the business to actualize its potential. My interests as they relate to our A.S.D are founded on people, systems, and habits. Why and what people share as their story, how they express their story, and what motivates them to share their life experiences across the web. 

Recent Grad from Columbia's SIPA. Dual National of the USA & France. Spent 2 years exploring South East Asia. I conceptualize simple solutions to complex problems with ease, and enjoy thinking about how companies can improve their vision and prioritize essential products and/or services. My background is in finance & entrepreneurship, however I have a natural appreciation for visual, web and product design, which I continuously improve on because great design makes the difference between functional and impactful user-centric products.

Hobbies include;Cartography, photography, design, meditation, star gazing, curating music, images & maps. Avid eu. footballer, scuba diver, sailor, & outdoorsman.

I am Looking for a talented technologist, a mobile application developer to help me create & launch our ANIMUS App. The individual should have experience in developing mobile apps that run on iOS operating systems, and ideally have prior experience leading a software development team. 

Passion for design with interests in improving our how we interact with people through with our internet powered devices is a plus. 

Fearless leadership qualities with strong collaborative capabilities, entrepreneurial spirit, and an inclination to try/learn new things and participate in our broad strategy would truly facilitate our efforts to build our ANIMUS app and company vision. 

A lover of culture, people, the natural world & history would be a real a plus. Arsenal & Barcelona fans are welcome! 

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Columbia University

MA Finance & Economics

2015 - 2015