Tiasia O'Brien

New York, New York, US

Startup Founder of UrbanTech Seam Social Labs | Looking fo biz dev + product Co-Founders
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About Tiasia

I am an idea person! I have been developing business ideas since the tender age of ten, when I recognized my peers’ desire to have
locker sized images of their respective pop culture crushes. At the time the only product on the market provided either full sized posters from magazines like Tiger Beat, or full 8x10 images of celebrities. My friends would complain about not having their favorite portrait of Leonardo Dicaprio (ah the Titanic era!) next to an image of Devon Sawa. So I immediately recognized a product was missing on the market --and started a business in which I made collages of celebrities at any size upon request, for $1 per sheet. This was my first introduction to entrepreneurship.

My educational background includes a B.A in Communications, Certificate in Philanthropy & Fundraising from NYU and and Advanced Diploma in Business Intelligence Analytics from NYU and I am currently applying my research skills as a scholar the The New School for Social Research (M.A. 2020) with the goal of attaining a Ph.D in cultural and economic studies.

After years of continuing studies and moving up the ranks to senior leadership roles, I finally felt prepared to jump back into entrepreneurship in 2018. I am presently working with different brands to produce innovative design strategies and working on the launch of Seam Social Lab -- a social enterprise that explores the power of human connection & collaboration through the development of innovative ideas, products and dynamic programming.

Co-working Space

Bond Collective

2018 - Today