Tiffiny Hager

Portland, Oregon, US

Tiffiny's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Tiffiny

With a MA in International Relations and twenty years of experience delivering highly collaborative social programs in high needs communities I fell that I can make a significant contribution to an effective social enterprises. My experience is primary with Government, Schools and non-profits, however I am very business savvy and feel that my unique ability to cross over easily to corporate or non-profit settings will allow me to establish a a successful socially responsible business. Moreover, with my recent graduate studies in IR through the Alliant International University, Marshall Goldsmith School of Business I am prepared to developed business strategies that have impact on global development solutions.
I have reinvented my self many times and thrive on taking calculated risks and embrace change. I recently moved back to Portland (where I own rental properties) from Honduras and look forward to exploring the possibilities here. More specifically, I am very excited by the potential of maximizing the socially aware market in Portland for such a business.