Tilek Mamutov

San Francisco, California, US

Brough a Google X startup to $mln run rate, now would like to work on a real startup
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Product Management

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Founded 1 startup

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About Tilek

I quit Google to start working on my startup ideas.

My last role at Google was a project lead at an internal startup at Google X. It is a new Artificial Intelligence business that I started from zero and led to $1mln run rate.

Previously I worked as a Technical Program Manager at Project Loon, and before that on launching products in emerging markets of Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Most of my time at Google I spent in software engineering roles building backend and frontend in C++, Python and JavaScript.

Some of the areas I am interested in:
1) Helping people become smarter (an area that includes Google, Wikipedia, Quora, as well as education companies)
2) Helping improve thinking and productivity using software and hardware (human augmentation)
3) Helping people with life strategy, big decisions, and daily decision and productivity

I would love to meet potential co-founders who are interested in these and other areas as well as to meet fellow entrepreneurs to exchange advice.

Work Experience

Project Lead


April 2007 - June 2018