Long Branch, New Jersey, US

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I need co-founders that want to disrupt the fishing industry. Talents we are looking for: access to VC, product designers, engineers (mech/elec/software) and product managers that want to lead our team. We'd ideally prefer those with a subset history or interest in the world of IoT electronics, mobile apps, small consumer drones and gaming. Your pre-startup examples will help us align the right fit.

We are a pre-cash startup that is looking for the right talents and attributes of a solid leader that is driven to solve problems and make a profit. We equally share the risks, so we strive hard to make sure we succeed.

Requirements: You get paid when we all get paid - upon first funding. Equity is a product of time, cash and other inputs clearly and transparently as this model: http://www.slicingpie.com/ . We are not looking for silent partners; you'll be required to be a bobble head for this aspect of the company and a true innovative leader in our space.


US Navy

Nuclear Electronics

1997 - 1997

University of Phoenix


2007 - 2007


Enterprise Development Center of NJIT